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      2. Contract Manufacturing Services

        Ahner Industrial provides contract manufacturing services for manufacturers in the northern Ohio area. These services include modifications to structural steel platforms and walkways as well as production line modifications. Ahner also supplies fabricated metal components, assemblies, and products for commercial and industrial businesses and manufacturers.

        stainless steel bracket

        Industrial Contract Manufacturing

        Ahner Industrial offers custom manufacturing solutions?in a number of ways. We offer manufacturing services for modifications?to?catwalks, production lines, and other metal fabrications in manufacturing?facilities. The fabricators at Ahner Industrial have the capabilities to?fabricate?the necessary modifications in our fabrication shop, then deliver and install those fabrications. We work closely with customers to meet their specifications and requirements.

        Ahner Industrial provides installation services in northern Ohio for?production type infrastructure?such as handrails, catwalks, ladders, stairs, process tanks, platforms, guards, and racks. We fabricate production equipment such as industrial hoods, paint line hangers and fixtures, material handling components, process tanks, separator tanks, oven and spray booth panels, material handling systems, bins and chutes, carts, hoppers, and conveyor parts.

        dust collection unit contract manufactured

        Metal Fabrication, Finish, & Assembly

        Ahner Industrial is a metal fabrication job shop with experience manufacturing steel fabrications, stainless steel fabrications, aluminum fabrications, and exotic metal fabrications. We provide contract manufacturing services to fabricate metal components, sub-assemblies, and assemblies. These metal parts are often used in larger assemblies or sent directly to the end customer.

        Our fabrication processes include:

        • Metal Cutting including laser cutting, plasma & oxy-fuel cutting, saw cutting, punching
        • Metal Forming including sheet metal rolling, tube rolling, press brake forming
        • Welding Services including MIG welding, TIG welding, stick welding
        • Design Work utilizing programs such as SolidWorks and AutoCAD
        • Finish Work including sandblasting, painting, and assembly

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