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      2. Sheet Metal Fabrication Capabilities

        sheet metal laser cutting stainless steel


        formed sheet metal electrical enclosure


        welding steel


        dust collection unit contract manufactured


        fabrication and sheet metal design services


        Metal Cutting

        The first process in our fabrication shop is generally cutting sheet metal or structural steel. Our sheet metal cutting equipment includes sheet metal shears, laser cutting equipment, sheet metal punching equipment, plasma cutting equipment, and structural steel sawing equipment. Interested in learning more? Contact us here.

        Our sheet metal fabrication shop's flagship tool is our Mitsubishi Laser Cutting machine. This CNC controlled precision sheet metal laser cutting machine is capable of cutting steel sheet metal and plate up to 1 inch and stainless steel sheet metal up to 3/4 inch. In addition, this laser cutting machine has produced aerospace sheet metal fabrications for a Fortune 500 company. Learn more here.


        Our Trumpf Trumatic TC2000R is capable of punching, forming and cutting parts. Parts can be up to 50" wide and 165 pound per part weight capacity.

        Our High Definition plasma cutting equipment is capable of cutting steel sheet metal and plate up to 1 inch x 96 inch x 218 inch. Our oxy-fuel cutting equipment is capable of cutting steel plate up to 4 inch x 96 inch x 218 inch. Other materials cut on the plasma cutting machines include stainless steel sheet and plate, aluminum, and more. Learn more here.

        Metal Forming

        After cutting, the next step in the sheet metal manufacturing process is generally metal forming. This is often done using our press brakes, sheet metal rolls, and tube bending equipment. Our diverse array of fabrication equipment gives us the capability to manufacture your custom sheet metal fabrications. For more information on our metal forming capabilities, click here.
        formed sheet metal electrical enclosure


        We have a range of press brakes for use in sheet metal forming processes. Our 130 ton x 10' Trumpf 6 axis CNC press brake with .002" accuracy gauging gives us the precision metal fabrication capabilities required by many companies today. ?Our larger 350 ton x 16' Cincinnati press brake with accuracy gauging will meet your heavier sheet metal bending needs. Learn more here.

        stainless steel duct work


        We are capable of rolling sheet metal and plate up to 3/8" x 72" wide. Learn more here.

        roll forming structural stainless steel


        We are also capable of rolling structural steel including angle, pipe, tube, and bar. Our tube bending machine can handle up to 5'X 5" x 0.5" leg out, and 4" x 4" x 0.5" leg in.?Learn more here.


        Once the sheet metal is cut and formed, the parts or products often move to the welding stations. We have certified welders on staff with experience welding and fabricating from aluminum, steel, and stainless steel sheet metal. We offer on site industrial fabrication services including portable welding for companies in northeast Ohio. Learn more here.

        Quality welds are an important part of any fabricated product. From MIG welding steel to TIG welding stainless steel and aluminum, our state of the art welding equipment and experienced welders allow us to consistently put out quality sheet metal products and parts for our customers. Learn more?about our welding services here.

        Metal Finishing

        The finishing steps in the sheet metal fabrication process include media blasting, priming and painting, and assembly. Our one stop fabrication shop offers all of these services for industrial and commercial customers looking for quality metal products.
        sand blasting metal finishing


        Our blast booth is 12' wide x 50' long x 14' high. This allows us to easily blast larger assemblies using sandblasting, glass bead blasting, ect.


        We can paint metal parts and assemblies up to 27' wide x 27' long x 14'. This gives us the ability to paint larger assemblies using airless and air paint guns.

        dust collection unit contract manufactured


        Our 45,000 square foot building with (2) 5 ton overhead cranes allows us the space to completely assemble your products from start to finish

        Sheet Metal Prototyping and Design Services

        Using software such as AutoCAD and SolidWorks, our team of experienced designers and fabricators can assist with your sheet metal prototyping and design needs.

        Our designers and fabricators are ready to work with you on making your sheet metal prototype a reality. Our knowledge of sheet metal fabrication processes allow us to offer cost effective design ideas for manufacturing commercial and industrial sheet metal products. Contact us today for a quote.

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