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        1. Industrial Sheet Metal Fabrications

          Located in northern Ohio and serving business around the United States, Ahner Industrial manufactures quality sheet metal fabrications for industrial and commercial applications. Request a quote today!

          Ahner Industrial Fabricating & Sheet Metal is a precision sheet metal fabrication job shop in northern Ohio. Located in Sandusky, Ohio, about an hour from both Cleveland and Toledo, our 45,000 square foot fabrication shop has the capabilities of fabricating from 26 gauge sheet to heavy steel plate, stainless steel sheet and plate and aluminum plate.

          Our experienced team of metal fabricators can also fabricate from structural steel and abrasion resistant steel plate. We offer state of the art fabricating equipment, professional workmanship and quality finished products... guaranteed.

          Our metal fabrication capabilities include:

          Metal Cutting including laser cutting metal, plasma cutting metal, oxy-fuel cutting for heavier plate, saw cutting for structural steel, and punching

          Metal Forming including sheet metal rolling, sheet metal press brake forming, tube rolling, and structural steel rolling

          Welding Services including MIG welding, TIG welding, and stick welding processes

          Metal Finishing Services?are offered to customers of our?fabricated metal products and these services including sand blasting, painting, and assembly

          Ahner Industrial manufactures an engineered line of cross flow evaporative cooling towers. Branded as MagiCool Cooling Towers, these cooling towers are constructed using either stainless steel or galvanized steel with an epoxy coating option. The tower capacities range from 7 tons to 150 tons and are used in diverse industries including the dry cleaning, manufacturing, and more.

          Custom Duct Work

          Custom Laser Cut Signs - Put-In-Bay, Ohio

          Custom Metal Platforms

          Custom Stainless Steel Hood

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