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      2. Fabricated Metal Products

        We fabricate metal products from steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other metals. From large tanks to small brackets and duct work, we will create a quality product in a timely manner.

        Let our years of experience in custom metal product fabrications go to work for you. Our ability to take our customer's metal products from concept to completion is what sets us apart from others. In addition to design, fabrication, and prototyping, Ahner Industrial offers finish work from our one stop custom fabrication shop. Check out the gallery below for examples of our work and request a quote today.

        Laser Cutting Videos

        Our Mitsubishi Laser has a cutting capacity of 1" x 60" x 120" for steel and 1/2" x 60" x 120" for stainless steel. This high precision machine ensures the accuracy and quality required in today's marketplace.

        Mild Steel


        Stainless Steel

        Cold Rolled Steel (CRS)

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